Creating biodiverse productive forests that are fun to spend time in.

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Our First Forest!

We’ve just bought land in Scotland to create our first forest.
It’s currently sheep grazing land with a small amount of old semi-natural woodland.
We’ll be sharing our journey of designing and planting the forest over the next year!


We’re passionate about creating forests that blend 3 core elements.
Biodiversity – a wide range of different wildlife; trees, plants, animals and fungi.
Productivity – providing resources for our society.
Fun – a place that people can enjoy spending time in.

We want to be proactive in tackling climate change. But we don’t just want to plant trees, we want to use the land effectively to help bring more benefits than just taking carbon out of the atmosphere.

We’ll be using a forestry technique called Continuous Forestry Cover – this is where the biodiversity and timber production are balanced for the long term benefit of the forest. It also creates a more attractive natural looking forest compared to plantations.

So follow us as we create forests for a better future.

Chris, Hester and Richard 🙂


You’ll get a tree to grow at home and we’ll plant one in our forest.
Your tree growing kit includes a plant pot made with wood from our forest, compost and Scots Pine seeds.

Carbon Offsetting

Are you or your business looking to offset its carbon?