TreeTwin Grow a tree at home and we’ll plant one in our forest at the same time. You’ll get a tree growing kit that includes:
– a wooden plant pot made with wood from our forest
– compost
– Scots Pine tree seeds

Full instructions included.

We recommend starting the tree inside using the wooden pot we provide. However as the wood is green (hasn’t been dried) you should plant the seeds as soon as you get it. If you have to keep it for more than a couple of days before sowing then we recommend leaving it in a garage or shed. Otherwise the pot may split…

You can probably keep it a home for 2-3 years whilst it grows then you have a few of options. Firstly find somewhere outside to plant your tree (with permission of the land owner). Secondly if you want to keep it at home you can try growing a bonsai. Or otherwise plant it in a larger pot outside and use it as your Christmas tree?

The wooden pot is made using wood from wood from our forest. It could be from oak, cherry, ash, hazel or hawthorn trees. We then use a local craftsperson to turn the wood into pots using a woodturning machine.

We will be planting trees in to create the forest during Winter 2021/2. We will upload a video later of where we have planted your tree!

£29.99 including postage.