Invest in the Creation of Closer to Nature Forests through Co-Ownership

We believe it’s time the UK had more forests that balanced the need to produce timber, be a home for wildlife and be a fun place for people to spend time.

Managing forests through Closer to Nature Forestry makes this a reality and we’re on a mission to make that happen.

If you believe more of our forests can be managed this way then join us later this year by investing with us.

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Our Story

We bought land in Scotland near to where we live as a personal project to create a forest in 2021.
It’s currently sheep grazing land with a small amount of old semi-natural woodland.
We’re sharing our journey of designing and planting the forest over on YouTube!


We’re now looking to buy more land for planting and existing forests to convert into Closer to Nature Forests.

Plus get more people to join us in investing in forestry through co-ownership.

First up we’re in the process of buying an established forest. Over the coming months we’ll be working up our plans for converting this forest into one managed through Closer To Nature Forestry. The best place to keep up to date on progress is through our email newsletter above and over on our YouTube Channel.


We love forests! And think it’s about time we had more forests that balance the demand for timber, providing a home for animals and a space for people.

So follow us as we create forests for a better future.

Chris, Hester and Richard 🙂

Supporting Tree Planting

Do you or your business want to get involved with enabling tree planting to happen? Then get in touch with us.